Faculty and Staff

Dr. Gad Allon, Director, Jeffrey A. Keswin Professor and Professor of Operations, Information and Decisions

Gad Allon is the Jeffrey A. Keswin Professor and Professor of Operations, Information and Decisions. He received his PhD in Management Science from Columbia Business School in New York and holds a Bachelor and Master degree from the Israeli Institute of Technology. 

His research interests include operations management in general, and service operations and operations strategy in particular. Professor Allon has been studying models of information sharing among firms and customers both in service and retail settings, as well as competition models in the service industry. His articles have appeared in leading journals, including Management Science, Manufacturing and Service Operations Management and Operations Research. Professor Allon won the 2011 "Wickham Skinner Early-Career Research Award" of the Production and Operations Management Society. He is the Operations Management Department Editor of Management Science and serves on the editorial board of several journals. 

Gad is an award-winning educator, teaching courses on scaling operations and operations strategy and was recently named among the "World's Top 40 B-School professors under the age of 40." He has also been an innovative leader in many educational technology initiatives. He is the co-founder of ForClass, a platform that enables professors to drive higher student engagement and accountability in their classrooms. Professor Allon regularly consults firms both on service strategy and operations strategy. 

Email Gad at gadallon@wharton.upenn.edu.


Dr. Sangeeta Vohra, Director of Integration

Sangeeta Vohra is the Director of Integration for the Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology. In this role, she is responsible for developing new initiatives for the program to integrate the learnings from SEAS and Wharton. Dr Vohra leads the integration lab that serves as the capstone for the program to provide seniors with opportunities to attack significant problems at the intersection of business and technology. Select teams are invited to present at the annual M&T Summit, a one day conference where faculty, alumni and students gather to present their work. Dr. Vohra co-teaches the M&T Freshman seminar and serves as an advisor to the M&T juniors and seniors. 

Prior to joining Penn, Dr. Vohra was Clinical Associate Professor in the Health Enterprise Management program and Academic Director of the Center for Biotechnology Management at Northwestern University’s Kellogg School of Management. She joined Kellogg in 2002. Her expertise lies in translating complex technologies for students who do not have a background in life sciences and has mentored several startup teams. Dr. Vohra has also designed, directed and taught in executive programs for those in the science and technology fields.

She received her MS in microbiology from the Punjab Agricultural University in India and her Ph.D. in microbiology from the University of New Hampshire.

Email Sangeeta at vohras@wharton.upenn.edu for more information on our new initiatives - Freshman Seminar, Integration Lab and the M&T Summit.

Sarvelia Peralta-Duran, Administrative Director

Sarvelia Peralta-Duran is the Administrative Director for the Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology. In this role, she is responsible for multiple aspects of managing the Program’s operations and budget. She also provides key services to M&T students, including academic advising to freshman and sophomores and co-curricular programming. She serves as the internal liason for the program, managing admissions, graduation, and other events.

Prior to joining M&T, Sarvelia directed the Wharton Global Consulting Practicum, a cross-functional course and embedded consulting practice for MBA and Executive MBA students.

Sarvelia holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Pennsylvania and a Master of Arts in Intercultural Service, Leadership, and Management from the School for International Training Graduate Institute. She also completed one year of her Psychology degree at the University of Vienna in Austria. Originally from Mexico, Sarvelia is a passionate interculturalist and global nomad having resided in Mexico, Singapore, Austria and the U.S.

Sarvelia is also co-founder of The Blue Door Group, a training and education consulting practice focused on designing, facilitating and teaching interactive processes for learning and capacity building. She also teaches Experiential Learning Design, a core course for the Intercultural Communications master's degree at the Graduate School of Education at Penn.

Email Sarvelia at snp@wharton.upenn.edu to arrange a visit to the M&T Program and for admission questions. 


Bonita Huggins, Associate Director

Bonita Huggins is the Associate Director for the Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology. In this role she serves as the conduit between the M&T alumni community and its current students, providing opportunities for mentorship and employment. She also works with companies to plan and execute career programming and specialized recruiting events and advises students on career prospects. Bonita leads the M&T alumni interview program committee, manages the M&T Intern Fellowship Awards, and oversees the M&T Student Board on corporate and professional events. 

Bonita spent 15 years in the corporate world, holding several in-house roles with NBC Universal, Discovery Communications and AMC Networks. In 2007 she founded Bonita Lynch Public Relations and consulted for clientele ranging from non-profit organizations, to fortune 500 corporations. Her experience includes writing, editing, the creation/execution of communications plans, media relations, advising internal and external executives on media strategy and crisis communications, and planning and executing events. 

Bonita completed a graduate fellowship in student affairs at Drexel University in 2015 and attained a Master of Science in Higher Education Administration and Leadership at Drexel University in 2016. Originally from the Washington, DC area, Huggins received her B.A. in Journalism from University of Maryland, College Park. 

Contact Bonita for more information about the PAIP interview program, connecting with M&T alumni, and M&T recruiting.


Sarah Deak is the Administrative Coordinator for the Jerome Fisher Program in Management and Technology. In this role, she provides overall administrative support including managing admissions for the M&T Summer Institute (M&TSI) program, assisting with the administration of the Program’s MGMT 235 and 237 courses, and supervising the M&T office Student Workers. She also supports the M&T student community by aiding the M&T Student Board in creating events and initiatives, maintaining the M&T lounge, and managing communications to current and prospective M&T members.

Sarah graduated from the University of Dayton with a Bachelors of Arts in International Studies and continued her education with a Master’s degree from the University of Pennsylvania’s Graduate School of Education. She has worked in multiple non-profit and education-based roles.

Email Sarah at sdeak@wharton.upenn.edu for more information about M&TSI and the M&T Program.