35th Anniversary

Announcing M&T 2.0: Accelerating Excellence

Friday, November 7th - Sunday, November 9th, 2014

Check out our 35th Annivesary site: mt35th.com

The M&T Program was proud to announce its 35th Anniversary celebration, M&T 2.0: Accelerating Excellence, from November 7 through November 9, 2014 in Philadelphia. We were very excited to share this momentous occasion with over 200+ M&T alumni/ae, staff, and students. Photos from the event have been released along with our exciting fundraising results!


M&T 35th Anniversary Planning Committee

Ken Glass, M&T '82, Chair
Allie Rogers, M&T '87
Tom Opdyke, M&T '91
Han Hu, M&T '08
Kim Gallant, M&T '08
Amy Torri, M&T '99
Alan Cook, M&T '95
Ashley Yuki, M&T '11
Doug Alexander, M&T '83
Ronen Israel, M&T '95
Roland Van der Meer, M&T '82
Roger Wu, M&T '00
Richard Forman, M&T '87
Prateek Bhide, M&T '11
Richard Nijkerk, M&T '86
Sarah Jiang, M&T '08
Radhika Gupta, M&T '05
Nalin Moniz, M&T '05