Early Admissions

Students applying to Penn's M&T Program have the option to apply through the binding Early Decision process. Students who rank the M&T Program as their number one choice should give careful consideration to this option. Students admitted to the M&T Program through the Early Decision process are bound to attend the M&T Program. To submit your Early Decision application to the M&T Program, you will be prompted to complete the Early Decision Agreement in Penn’s General section of the Common Application. It is possible to apply to M&T during Early Decision without selecting a single degree choice as a back-up.

Prior to submitting your Early Decision application, you will be prompted to respond to the following question under Penn’s Academics section of the Common Application:

If we are unable to admit you as an Early Decision candidate to your primary program choice [i.e. M&T], do you wish to be considered under the binding Early Decision agreement for your secondary school/program choice [i.e. your potential single degree]?

If you would like for both your M&T admission and your potential single degree to be binding, select “Yes” from the dropdown that follows. If, instead, you would like your M&T admission to be binding, but would like the single degree admission to be non-binding, select "No". By selecting “No”, you are asking Penn Admissions to hold your single degree application until the Regular Decision process begins. If a student is admitted to their single degree choice at that time, the decision is non-binding.