M&T Fast Facts:

  • Created in the late 1970's, the M&T Program conferred its first degrees in 1978 and 1979. In 2014, we celebrated our 35th Anniversary!
  • The Program was generously endowed by Jerome Fisher, CEO of the Nine West Group, in 1995.
  • M&T boasts over 1,900 alumni/ae worldwide! Pockets of alumni/ae reside in New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Washington D.C., Seattle, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Mumbai, London, Singapore, and Hong Kong.
  • Students pursue two full degrees concurrently - a Bachelor of Economics from the Wharton School and either a Bachelor of Science in Engineering or a Bachelor of Applied Science from Penn Engineering.
  • The M&T Program is designed to be completed in four years. Approximately 85% of students will graduate within this time frame.

M&T Class of 2021 Profile:

  • 53 students, of which 35% are female.
  • 21% of the class is international, hailing from:

United Kingdom
United Kingdom

Domestically, the Class of 2021 regional break down is:

 36% North
 21% West
19% South
7% Midwest

  • The Class of 2021 includes 11 students who participated in the Management & Technology Summer Institute (M&TSI).