Alumni Profiles

Kim Gallant, M&T '08

New York, NY
Engineering Major: 
Mechanical Engineering
Wharton Concentration: 
Finance and Entrepreneurship

What are you doing currently?

I work in Sales & Trading at JPMorgan. Sales & Trading is a client focused business where we make markets in a broad range of financial products. Essentially, clients can come to us for a price to buy or sell a wide range of assets.

I am in the Commodity Investor Sales group, covering large investor clients such as Pension Funds, Endowments, and Asset Managers. We help clients obtain exposure to the Commodity markets. Clients do this for portfolio diversification benefits, to express tactical views, and to hedge against future inflation. They can access these markets through swaps, options, and other derivatives or notes. As part of my role, I have the opportunity to work with our product development team on some of our index strategies.

How did M&T prepare you for your current role or life after graduation?

Through M&T and Wharton I was introduced to the world of finance. In particular, Dr. Siegel’s Finance 101 class really sparked my interest in financial markets and trading. The analytical skills I gained in engineering have prepared me well for the trading floor environment. Our client base is extremely smart, and technically oriented, and M&T gave me the tools necessary to cover them effectively.

How do you connect with the M&T community?

My M&T classmates are still some of my best friends (including one bridesmaid in my wedding party!). The New York area also has a strong M&T alumni community and a group of us arrange regular events to bring everyone together.

What was your favorite part of the M&T Program?

So many things. If I had to pick one, it would be my peers. To be part of a community of such bright, interesting people was—and is—incredible. They were fantastic study partners in college, and continue to be good friends and inspirations in life after college. It’s been really amazing to see them changing the world.

What activities did you take part in while at Penn?

Many! West Philly Swingers, Hillel, Mock Trial, ASME, Yofi!, and working in the M&T office to name a few. M&T students get very involved in campus life – it’s a really important part of getting the full experience at Penn.