Alumni Profiles

Neha Mathur, M&T '14

New York, NY
Engineering Major: 
Systems Engineering
Wharton Concentration: 

What are you doing currently?

I currently am a business analyst at McKinsey's Business Technology Office. I primarily focus on work around the topic of Digital - how companies will modernize themselves, innovate, and prepare for the future with technology.

How did M&T prepare you for your current role or life after graduation?

M&T armed me with hard business skills while continuing to spark my interest in technology, innovation, and entrepreneurship. However, in life after graduation, I must say that one of the biggest assets leaving the program is the ability to master complex but vastly diverse skill sets and concepts at the same time. As a consultant, you are often placed into settings where you may not be the expert on a certain industry, topic, or analysis. Being able to learn quickly, connect the dots, and really grasp the problem is a skill that M&T's develop as a part of the rigorous and diverse program.

How do you connect with the M&T community?

NYC meet-ups, Philly reunions, social media, and speaking on the phone with current students that reach out to me!

What was your favorite part of the M&T Program?

The group of students I met along the way - the most inspirational, well-rounded, and intelligent group of people I could have ever hoped to be my classmates.

What activities did you take part in while at Penn?

I was extremely involved with the M&T Student Board, MUSE Consulting (Penn's Marketing Club), INCOSE Systems Engineering Board, and my sorority, Chi Omega.