Past Participant Profile

Rudra Puri

London, UK
M&TSI Year: 

Why did you apply to take part in M&TSI?

I wanted to make the most of my summer and explore my concurrent interests in both business and engineering. After doing some research online I found M&TSI and saw that it matched my interests and would help me gain greater exposure into the intersection of the two fields.

How did M&TSI help you identify future academic or career goals?

M&TSI helped me identify my future academic and career goals as it gave me exposure into how engineering and management are related to each other, and how it is important that they are used together. I had the best time at M&TSI and after it, I was convinced into applying to the M&T Program early decision as there was nowhere else I wanted to go! I now know that I want to eventually create a health related / biotechnology start up of my own, using skills that were introduced during M&TSI. 

What was your favorite part of the M&TSI experience?

It’s hard to pick one single part of the M&TSI experience as my favorite! I enjoyed the whole experience! The trips to New York, Washington, and New Jersey really showed me the east coast and it was my first time seeing these places. I also thought the final go-to-market project was really interesting and engaging as it was very different from what I was used to doing in high school and it gave me invaluable experience of what being an entrepreneur is like.

What are you currently up to?

Currently, I am an M&T undergraduate student! My time at M&TSI bought me over, I had such a great time and I thoroughly enjoyed the things I was learning. I ended up applying early decision because I knew I wanted to go to M&T the following fall and was fortunate enough to be accepted in the M&T Class of 2017! I’m  majoring in Materials Science Engineering in the Engineering School and considering concentrating in Finance and possibly Accounting or Management in the Wharton School.