Alumni Profiles

Stephanie Chu, M&T '98

Silicon Valley
Engineering Major: 
Systems Science Engineering
Wharton Concentration: 

What are you doing currently?

Director of Community Operations at Uber.

How did M&T prepare you for your current role or life after graduation?

I have always worked at the intersection of business and technology. Engineering and systems helped me learn how to break down problems into more manageable pieces but also synthesize the pieces together into a whole. Finance helped me understand how decisions impacted the business.

How do you connect with the M&T Community?

I married an M&T alum and we are friends with many M&Ts, especially those from our class. In addition, I have participated in Penn alumni events including getting involved in the Penn Alumni Interview Program.

What was your favorite part of the M&T Program?

The people. I especially recall Dr. Hamilton’s Management 235 class. It was great being in a small class only with other M&T students and learning about something we all were passionate about.

What activities did you take part in while at Penn?

I was actively involved in my church in West Philadelphia.