The Fisher Program in Management & Technology is a highly competitive program, with annual admission limited to between 50 and 55 students. Applicants come from around the globe with varied backgrounds and interests, creating a diverse and special freshmen class each year.

High school students applying to the M&T Program complete the University of Pennsylvania Application for Undergraduate Admissions. In Penn's Member Questions, select the M&T Program and your potential single degree choice.  The Writing Supplement will reflect your choice to apply to M&T and activate the M&T essay prompt and short answer.

Please note that because of the selective nature of the M&T Program, students who are applying may also select a single degree choice on their application as a secondary choice to the Program. This single degree choice will only be considered after all opportunities for placement in the M&T Program have been exhausted. Students may select the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences or the Wharton School for their single degree choice. For instructions regarding the application, click here.