The Integration Lab provides experiential learning and serves as the capstone event for M&T seniors. The goal is to provide students with opportunities to work on significant problems at the intersection of business and technology, enabling them to utilize what they have learned from SEAS and the Wharton school. This will prepare our students to be at the forefront of the technology-driven economies of the future.

​Select senior teams are invited to present their projects in our annual M&T Summit. The summit is a forum for our students, alumni, faculty & thought leaders to present their work to the larger Penn community. Every year, the Summit is structured around a specific theme of societal importance.   Students do not have to pick a project on the chosen theme but every M&T senior team is required to submit a business analysis of the project they design and prototype.

For more information, please contact Dr. Sangeeta Vohra.


Student teams choose projects from any of the three tracks and work over the year. Selected finalists are invited to present during the M&T Summit in front of a panel of judges. The top two teams are awarded.


Synthesis track: prototyping, designing, building and making products to solve the issues identified using their own ideas

Analysis/Research track: working with faculty mentor on his/her translational research

Application track: working with firms or start-ups on projects

Thanks to Leadership Council Member Jeff Grimes M&T ’15 for creating this video


  • doBetter deBugging
    Modernizing Software Engineering Recruiting.
    Team: Amit Gupta, Changwook Shim, Hannah Walsh, David Wu
    Faculty Advisor: Sangeeta Vohra

    Build an Efficient Road Inspection Device.
    Team: Mei Chung, Arnav Jagasia, Mark Lewis, Adele Li, Jeffrey Zhou
    Faculty Advisor: Mark Yim, C. J. Taylor

    Aging at Home made Easier Using IoT Technology.
    Team: Tanusri Balla, Christopher Lin, Megan Kotrappa, Emily Tan, Spencer Weiss
    Faculty Advisor: Stephen Lane, George Demiris

    A Community for the Curious.
    Team: Vibhav Jagwani, Rohan Menezes, Pranav Pillai, Sydney Essex, Harrison Silver
    Faculty Advisor: Ani Nenkova


  • CoParse
    The One-Stop-Shop Legal AI Platform.
    Team: Jacob Beckerman, Joshua Doman, Sarah Herman, James Xue
    Faculty Advisor: David Magerman, Ty Zhang

    A Travel Itinerary Recommendation System for Group Preferences.
    Team: Victor Chien, Jesse Cui, Alex LiChen, Akshay Malhotra, Linzhi Qi
    Faculty Advisor: Ani Nenkova

    Location-Based Audio Advertising for Rideshare.
    Team: Bharath Jaladi, Sneha Advani, Arjun Lal, Romit Nagda, Sneha Rampali
    Faculty Advisor: Ani Nenkova

    Goal Tracker to Aid Wellness.
    Team: Nishita Jain, Pranjal Goel, Shirali Shah, Lee Wellington
    Faculty Advisor: Ani Nenkova


Check below for department specific senior design resources.

– CIS 401/400

– ESE 450/451
– Penn Library

– Penn Library

– Repository

– Penn Library

Past Competitions
– Senior Project Competition

The following library links will be great resource when doing business analysis- patent search, market and industry research:


At second M&T Summit, students and alumni explore disruptive technologies

This year’s summit focused on “disruptive technologies” that cause changes in the market, such as cryptocurrencies and cloud computing. Seniors in M&T presented their design projects to a panel of alumni judges in competing for a $2,000 prize….

M&T Summit winner, team Aerate, Wins $30,000 Wharton Startup Challenge

Aerate took 4 of the 2019 Startup Challenge Prizes including: Perlman Grand Prize, Frederick H. Gloeckner Award for Best Undergraduate Team, Robert S. Blank New Venture Collaboration Award, and the People’s Choice Award.  The runner-up was also an M&T Summit prize recipient: Strella Biotechnology.

Integration Lab Finalist S.S.MAPR wins the 2019 Cornell Cup

An interdisciplinary team comprised of Xiaoyi Chen, M&T’19, Fangyi Fa M&T’19, Quinn Wu M&T’19 along with their teammates Vanessa Howell, Yoonji Lee and Mia Masour, all SEAS’19, competed in the Cornell Cup Competition held over May 3-4 at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida…


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