The Integration Lab provides experiential learning and serves as the capstone event for M&T seniors. The goal is to provide students with opportunities to work on projects at the intersection of business and technology, enabling them to utilize what they have learned from SEAS and the Wharton school. This will prepare our students to be at the forefront of the technology-driven economies of the future.

​Select teams are invited to present their projects in the M&T Summit in front of a panel of judges who are VCs and/or Angel investors. The top two teams are awarded. The summit is our annual signature event where our students, alumni, faculty & thought leaders come together to present their work to the larger Penn community. Every year, the Summit is structured around a specific theme of societal importance.   Students do not have to pick a project on the chosen theme but every M&T senior team is required to submit a business analysis of the project they design and prototype.

For more information, please contact Dr. Sangeeta Vohra.

PROJECTS ’22-’23

  • Quotables
    Transform messy stakeholder research into well-cited product proposals
    Team Members: Yiheng Chen, Jong Min Choi, Cindy Jiang, Dapu Wang, Robert Zhang
    Team Advisor: Michael Kearns

    All-in-one food organizer to plan weekly meals to fit lifestyle needs
    Team Members: Ram Capoor, Kush Pandey, Alex Ruhl, Kunal Valrani, Pranav Arora
    Team Advisor: Boon Thau Loo

    Book networking engine for university students to create and build valuable connections
    Team members: TianHe Xie, Anni Pang, Yuxuan Wang, Yiyu Wu, Yongzhe Zhu
    Advisor: Konrad Koerding

    A transparent, unified platform for students to find partners for group work
    Team members: Amy Zhou, Jason Hom, Joe Konno, Brandy Yuan, Lejia Zhao
    Team advisor: Susan Davidson

    Automated, scalable ESG scores for fashion industry
    Team members: Sophia Africk, Skylar Ronkin, Margo Squire, Mira Zutshi
    Team advisor: Hamed Hassani

  • Mapi
    Natural Language to API Execution
    Team Members: Ayotomiwa Akinyele, Daniel Bessonov, Patrick Li, Saaketh Narayan, Justin Zhou
    Team Advisor: Chris Callison Burch

    Develop a math application with gamification and feedback analytics for grade 7 to 9 children.
    Team Members: Nafessa Jagirdar, Jacob Chidawaya, Sriya Chopra, Kaya Panchalingam, Mroue Reeda
    Team advisor: Erin Fouh

    Help students ping their friends
    Team Members: Benjamin Kaufman, Rafael Marques, Matthew Rosca-Halmagean, Henrique Lorente
    Team Advisor: Swapneel Sheth

    Offline collaborative work editor
    Team Members: Linda Lu, Richard Chai, Calvin Hu, David Xu, Zia Xu
    Team Advisor: Thau Loo Boon

    Tooth Fairy
    Smart materials for teeth restoration
    Team Members: Xioni Chen, Hyunil Kim, Justin Wang, Asset Yermekkaliyev
    Team Advisor: Kyle Vining

Archive Integration Lab Projects


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Past Competitions
– Senior Project Competition

The following library links will also be good resource when doing business analysis- patent search, market and industry research:


First Virtual M&T Summit in March 2021

Over 200 alums, students and faculty joined over zoom to hear the two keynotes. This year’s summit was on “Navigating the Uncharted Waters in a Virtual World” and the M&T Seniors gave their integration lab pitches to a panel of alumni judges. Team Trace3D comprising of M&T senior Jared Rogers along with Kevin Chazotte, John Berg, Owen Ford, and Aviva Hurvitz from the mechanical engineering department won the $2000 first prize.

M&T Summit winner, team Aerate, Wins $30,000 Wharton Startup Challenge

Aerate took 4 of the 2019 Startup Challenge Prizes including: Perlman Grand Prize, Frederick H. Gloeckner Award for Best Undergraduate Team, Robert S. Blank New Venture Collaboration Award, and the People’s Choice Award.  The runner-up was also an M&T Summit prize recipient: Strella Biotechnology.

Integration Lab Finalist S.S.MAPR wins the 2019 Cornell Cup

An interdisciplinary team comprised of Xiaoyi Chen, M&T’19, Fangyi Fa M&T’19, Quinn Wu M&T’19 along with their teammates Vanessa Howell, Yoonji Lee and Mia Masour, all SEAS’19, competed in the Cornell Cup Competition held over May 3-4 at the Kennedy Space Center in Florida…


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