Integration Lab

Thanks to Leadership Council Member Jeff Grimes M&T ’15 for creating this video.

Archived Projects 2020

The One-Stop-Shop Legal AI Platform.

Team: Jacob Beckerman, Joshua Doman, Sarah Herman, James Xue
Faculty Advisors: David Magerman, Ty Zhang

A Travel Itinerary Recommendation System for Group Preferences.

Team: Victor Chien, Jesse Cui, Alex Lichen, Akshay Malhotra, Linzhi Qi
Faculty Advisors: Ani Nenkova

Location-Based Audio Advertising for Rideshare.

Team: Bharath Jaladi, Sneha Advani, Arjun Lal, Romit Nagda, Sneha Rampali
Faculty Advisor: Ani Nenkova

Goal Tracker to Aid Wellness.

Team: Nishita Jain, Pranjal Goel, Shirali Shah, Lee Wellington
Faculty Advisors: Ani Nenkova

Centralized Platform for Gig Economy.

Team: Cameron Cabo, Jordan Lei, Jeffrey Chen, Minjae Kwon
Faculty Advisor: Gad Allon
Empowering Homeless Through Secure ID Storage in the Cloud.

Team: Steffen Cornwell, Connor Chong, James Bigbee, Gregory Kofman
Faculty Advisor: Cynthia Dahl

Fish n Chips
A Point of Care Diagnotic for HIV.

Team: Jared Paul Marks, Michela Arbocco, Alex Silva, Sanjana Vasudeva
Faculty Advisor: David Issadore

Innovative Pads for Moms during Postpartum.

Team: Caroline Raquel, Alisa Bhakta, Alexander Connor, Lauren McLeod, Alexa Murray
Faculty Advisor: Chris Hong

Plastic Free Willy
Autonomous Submersible for Microplastic Filtering.

Team: Roshan Benefo, George Pandya, Wesley Sheker
Faculty Advisor: Ani Hsieh

Alternative Adio Processing
Small Portable Music Synthesizer.

Team: Nikil Ragav, Mason Elms, David Polito
Faculty Advisor: Tania Khanna

Smoothing the Transition of Human Robot Interaction.

Team: Halil Memoglu, Azmain Hossain, Chloe Dietz, Abe Milhem
Faculty Advisors: Pratik Chaudhari

Optimizing Doctor assignments to Prevent Burnout and Increase Efficiency.

Team: Karim ElSewedy, Jules Almazar, Miku Fujita, Sweta Subramaniam
Faculty Advisor: Rakesh Vohra

Midas Touch
Improved VR Haptic Glove.

Team: Ryan Galvankar, Yonah Mann, Nicholas Parkes, Saurin Patel
Faculty Advisor: Mark Yim, Pratik Chaudhuri

Wearable Continuous Blood Pressure Monitoring Device.

Team: Luv Iyer, Amit Gupta, Mayank Mardia
Faculty Advisors: Santosh Venkatesh, Jim Wiemer

Scalable Natural Protocol for Platooning.

Team: Sophia Moses, Alexandre Amice, Sergio Roman, Matteo Sciolla
Faculty Advisor: Manfred Morari

Trailblazing in Forestry
Predicting Carbon Stock and Forest Biomass from Airborne LiDAR Data.

Team: Adam Kirsh, John Mason Mings, Nathan Rush, Ethan Perelmuter, Maria Turner
Faculty Advisor: Ani Nenkova

Maximize Utility of SNAP Dollars & Mitigate Hunger.

Team: Jake Goldman, Danny Leiser, Salomon Serfati, Ajay Vasisht
Faculty Advisor: Ani Nenkova​

A Generalized Mapping Application fro Nonprofits.

Team: Stephanie Shi, Katie Jiang, Erik Zhao
Faculty Advisor: Ani Nenkova

Turning Your Calendar into a Working Document.

Team: JaeYoung Lee, Griffin Fitzsimmons, Rishab Jaggi, Ezaan Mangalji
Faculty Advisor: Swapneel Sheth

Stretchable Wirelessly Rechargeable Device for Continuous Temperature Monitoring.

Team: Sabrina Song, Zetong Jia, Hyun Jung, Hanming Zu
Faculty Advisor: James Weimer, Nathan Lazarus

doBetter deBugging
Modernizing Software Engineering Recruiting.

Team: Amit Gupta, Changwook Shim, Hannah Walsh, David Wu
Faculty Advisor: Sangeeta Vohra

Build an Efficient Road Inspection Device.

Team: Mei Chung, Arnav Jagasia, Mark Lewis, Adele Li, Jeffrey Zhou
Faculty Advisor: Mark Yim, C. J. Taylor

Aging at Home made Easier Using IoT Technology.

Team: Tanusri Balla, Christopher Lin, Megan Kotrappa, Emily Tan, Spencer Weiss
Faculty Advisor: George Demiris

A Community for the Curious.

Team: Vibhav Jagwani, Rohan Menenzes, Pranav Pillai, Sydney Essex, Harrison Silver
Faculty Advisor: Ani Nenkova

Experimental Analysis of  Networks in the Age of Social Media.

Student: Katherine Li
Faculty Advisor: Aaron Roth

An Exploration of Zero-Knowledge Proofs and zk-SNARKs.

Student: Terrence Jo
Faculty Advisor: David Crosbie

The Pursuit of Machine Common sense.

Student: Joseph Churilla
Faculty Advisor: Chris Callison-Burch

Natural Language Processing as a Predictive Feature in Financial Forecasting.

Student: Jaebin Chang
Faculty Advisor: Mark Liberman

Compression Algorithms and Their Utilization in the OTC.

Student: Richard Wu
Faculty Advisor: Boon Thau Loo

Predictive Algorithms and Strategies for Forecasting Major League Baseball Games.

Student: Andrew Y Cui
Faculty Advisor: Shane Jensen

Software System of Autonomous Vehicles: Architecture, Network and OS.

Student: Nova Qiaochu Guo
Faculty Advisor: Boon Thau Loo