Hana Yen, M&T ’19

Potomac, MD

Engineering Major:
Digital Media Design Computer Science

Wharton Concentration:
Finance and Marketing and Operations Information & Decisions



Quite honestly, I wasn’t too sure what I wanted to major in coming out of high school much less what I wanted to accomplish. What I knew, however, was how little I knew, and how much I wanted out of my undergraduate education. I wanted a school and a program would allow me to maximize my experiences: be it the education I received in class, the community of peers I would learn from and alongside with, the alumni network to leverage and learn from, or the extracurriculars that would complement my interests. M&T offers all that and more. Through M&T, I am gaining a profound understanding at the crossroads of business and engineering. I am able to be a tinkerer, innovator, and creator. I am gaining the means through which I can turn my ideas into not only a reality but a success.


In high school, I took on a few leadership positions including Class President from freshmen year to senior year, treasurer of our school’s Mu Alpha Theta, Math National Honors Society, and Captain of Mock Trial and Moot Court. I painted in and out of class and sold a few pieces as well! During my free time, I started a company with friends, PreferEdu, offering peer tutoring services. Additionally, I volunteered my time to tutor high school students who resided in the National Center for Children and Families.


My favorite class here at Penn has got to be MEAM 101: Introduction to Mechanical Design. Though I am not a MEAM major, I took the class my first semester freshmen year. I loved being able to take a hands-on approach to my education. From designing and tinkering to 3-D rendering, printing, and laser cutting, it was incredibly worthwhile. I got a glimpse of the fundamentals of the modern mechanical design process. We engaged in computer-aided design, basic computer simulation and analysis, and rapid prototyping through a series of group projects.


At Penn, there are opportunities for everything! And, if you can’t find an existing outlet for your interest, there are countless opportunities to create them. On campus, I am involved in Wharton Council. This is a student-run and led organization that works closely with Wharton Administration to foster a better co-curricular experience for Wharton Undergraduate students. In this capacity, I am in the unique position to witness the club recognition process. I am also on the Penn Aerospace team, building High Altitude Balloons. Finally, I’m a member of the M&T Student Board.

Outside of clubs and extracurriculars, I love going into the city with friends to grab a bite or explore some of the great museums. The Barnes Foundation and Philadelphia Museum of Art are only a cab or walk away! There’s really always something to do, something new to become a part of, or something novel to experience.


I was anxious coming into the M&T community. I had a preconceived notion that I would be joining a hyper-competitive community. It was to my surprise and relief that the opposite was true. I think the greatest thing about M&T is the people. I am in awe every day at the opportunity I have been allotted to learn alongside my best friends. I am really fortunate to have found that in M&T, but my experience is not an isolated one. You will find that M&T is a tight-knit community of individuals who understand each other’s motivations and goals and contribute to making this education not only more worthwhile but enjoyable.


M&T Student Board; Wharton Council; Penn Aerospace Club; Oax, Philanthropic social society for women against abuse; avid Game of Thrones and Westworld watcher


My favorite thing about Philly has got to be the food. There are some incredible restaurants that are made affordable during restaurant week, taking place one in the fall and once in the spring. There’s great food to try at every corner! Be it on campus, Center City, Fishtown, Rittenhouse, South Street, the list goes on. Between that and the food trucks, you’ll never go hungry.