Professor Jeffrey Babin: Transitioning from student entrepreneur to full-fledged entrepreneur

by Rohit Majumdar M&T’21 Professor Jeffrey Babin is Practice Professor and Associate Director of the Engineering Entrepreneurship Program. On campus, Profesor Babin is an advisor for the Wharton Venture Initiative Program (VIP) and an entrepreneurial fellow for the Weiss Tech House. He has significant entrepreneurial experience as a founder andRead More

Jaume Pujadas

What prompted you to apply to be an M&TSI attendee? I applied to M&TSI because I wanted to learn more about the qualities of successful startups and what differentiates them from ones that fail. I also wanted to apply to M&TSI to learn more about the intersection of business andRead More

Joe Kupferberg, M&T ’18

Joe Kupferberg, M&T ’18 Hometown: Highland Park, IL Engineering Major: Systems Engineering, Mathematics Wharton Concentration: Individualized Concentration (Institutions of Money, half FNCE, half LGST) WHY M&T? I chose M&T because I wanted to acquire a skill set that would allow me to approach rigorous, cutting-edge ideas in technology, data analytics,Read More

Quinn Wu, M&T ’19

Quinn Wu, M&T ’19 Hometown: Palo Alto, CA Engineering Major: Computer Science Wharton Concentration: Statistics Minor: Mathematics WHY M&T? Throughout school, I was always fascinated with mathematics and how it could be applied to the real world. This led to my interest in pursuing studies in engineering. However, I knewRead More

Prakash Mishra, M&T ’19

Prakash Mishra, M&T ’19 Hometown: Waxhaw, NC Engineering Major: Systems Engineering Wharton Concentration: Business Economics and Public Policy, Statistics Minor: Chinese, Certification in Public Policy WHY M&T? M&T for me meant flexibility. Coming into college, I had a strong interest in policymaking, but I also enjoyed organizational psychology and hadRead More

Krishna Bharathala, M&T’18

Krishna Bharathala, M&T’18 Hometown: Fremont, CA Engineering Major: Computer Science, BSE, MSE Wharton Concentration: Management (Entrepreneurship and Innovation), Statistics Minor: Mathematics WHY M&T? Despite coming from a technical high school in the Silicon Valley, I knew I didn’t want to become an engineer working for a large software company. Instead,Read More

Hana Yen, M&T ’19

Hana Yen, M&T ’19 Hometown: Potomac, MD Engineering Major: Digital Media Design Computer Science Wharton Concentration: Finance and Marketing and Operations Information & Decisions Minor: Mathematics WHY M&T? Quite honestly, I wasn’t too sure what I wanted to major in coming out of high school much less what I wantedRead More

Manjari Ganti, M&T ’18

Manjari Ganti, M&T ’18 Hometown: Acton, MA Engineering Major: Bioengineering Wharton Concentration: Operations Information & Decisions WHY M&T? When looking at colleges, I wanted a program that offered a holistic view of companies and industries.  An engineering education teaches the ability to think critically, analyze situations, and problem solve, essentialRead More