Anish Neervannan, M&T ’22

Anish Neervannan Hometown: Irvine, CA Engineering Major: Computer and Information Science Wharton Concentration: Finance Why M&T? Coming into Penn, despite my strong interest in fields such as machine learning and robotics, I always knew that I wanted to do more with my love for building technology. M&T has given meRead More

Kaitlynn Soo, M&T ’23

Kaitlynn Soo, M&T ’23 Hometown:Dallas, Texas Engineering Major: Systems Engineering, Minor Computer Science Wharton Concentration: Finance Why M&T? During high school, I struggled with choosing a path that would allow me to explore my multi-faceted interests. M&T was the perfect choice for me, because I not only get to deep-diveRead More

Ana Izecksohn, M&T ’24

  Ana Izecksohn, M&T ’24 Hometown: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil Engineering Major: Computer Science Wharton Concentration: Finance WHY M&T Where I’m from, it isn’t possible for you to major in engineering and business at the same time. So, in my high school years, I was torn between choosing one orRead More

Arjun Neervannan (M&T ’24) on Combating Cyberbullying with AI and Winning one of the Regeneron STS Scholarship Prizes

Arjun Neervannan is a First Year student in the M&T Program from Irvine, CA studying Computer and Information Science in the School of Engineering and an Undeclared concentration in the Wharton School. Last May, he won one of the Regeneron Science Talent Search Scholarships. Each year, nearly 1,900 students submitRead More

Joe Kupferberg, M&T ’18

Joe Kupferberg, M&T ’18 Hometown: Highland Park, IL Engineering Major: Systems Engineering, Mathematics Wharton Concentration: Individualized Concentration (Institutions of Money, half FNCE, half LGST) WHY M&T? I chose M&T because I wanted to acquire a skill set that would allow me to approach rigorous, cutting-edge ideas in technology, data analytics,Read More

Quinn Wu, M&T ’19

Quinn Wu, M&T ’19 Hometown: Palo Alto, CA Engineering Major: Computer Science Wharton Concentration: Statistics Minor: Mathematics WHY M&T? Throughout school, I was always fascinated with mathematics and how it could be applied to the real world. This led to my interest in pursuing studies in engineering. However, I knewRead More

Prakash Mishra, M&T ’19

Prakash Mishra, M&T ’19 Hometown: Waxhaw, NC Engineering Major: Systems Engineering Wharton Concentration: Business Economics and Public Policy, Statistics Minor: Chinese, Certification in Public Policy WHY M&T? M&T for me meant flexibility. Coming into college, I had a strong interest in policymaking, but I also enjoyed organizational psychology and hadRead More