Reed Ginsberg, M&T ’18

Jericho, NY

Engineering Major:
Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics

Wharton Concentration:



For as long as I can remember I wanted to be an engineer. As I grew older, I would create little inventions and try to get friends and family to buy them. However, I found out the latter part was pretty challenging. I realized just creating a cool product wasn’t enough to convince others they needed it, or provide the money to make more. This sparked my interest in business. So I decided to attend M&TSI when I was a junior in high school. I thoroughly enjoyed those three weeks at Penn, and decided to apply ED to M&T.


My favorite class at Penn was The Design of Mechatronic Systems (MEAM 515). This is a culmination of electrical, mechanical, and software design all in one extremely hands on class. Each week you are assigned an individual small robotics project, ranging from building a remote control car from scratch to a personalized Bluetooth electronic speaker, or even a miniature Segway. The final is a 5-week project that ends with a march madness style robotic hockey tournament.


Currently, I am heavily involved with the Penn Club Hockey team and serve as one of the captains and vice president. Additionally, I am currently one of the VPs of the M&T Student Board, specifically the head of the Corporate Committee. I really love being a part of the Board because it gives me an opportunity to play a role in the future of the M&T program as a whole. The Board also gives me the ability to connect M&T students with awesome companies from all over the world. I also am a member of Penn Club Boxing. Outside of school, I play drums for a jazz/funk band that performs at local bars and for events other clubs hold on-campus. Whether it be through research, a club, or a class, Penn does an exceptional job at providing the resources for students to delve into their interests in a hands on fashion.


I am so grateful to be a part of the M&T community on campus here at Penn. It is an honor to be surrounded by so many driven and intelligent people who have so much passion for their work. What surprised me most about the community is the diverse set of interests you can find within one dual degree program. I have M&T friends who have interests ranging from getting their PhDs to others who want to work in fintech/banking. Every M&T sophomore takes MGMT 237 together, and this really gave me a chance to branch out and connect with my peers in an academic setting. There are M&T lineages, study groups, and simply common majors that allow the community to grow stronger in various ways. I always can reach out to older M&T students, as well as alumni, for help picking classes or guidance in finding summer internships.


My best summer experience was living in San Francisco for three months and interning at Tesla. I had never been to California before, so it was an incredible experience to explore places like Lake Tahoe and see Half Dome. I worked on the manufacturing team at the production plant, so I was able to not only learn all about how the cars were designed and produced, but get a first-hand view of what that process looked like. I have always had a passion for the automobile industry, and hope to continue to work in this field, especially with autonomous vehicles.


My favorite thing about going to school in Philadelphia is the plethora of concerts and live shows you can explore here. Philly has tons of bands each week playing at all different venues across the city. Some of my favorites I have seen are Chance The Rapper, Jack Johnson, G. Love (a Philly native!), and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.


After graduation, I’ll be sub-matriculating to get a Masters in Robotics here at Penn.