Immersive Quotes # 5

“The M&T Immersive Trip challenged all standards of hands-on education. When I wrote my Penn application back in Beirut around Summer ‘16, I never thought there would be an experience that towers above the idealistic expectations I had of my time in the US. I never thought I’d be touringRead More

Immersive Quotes # 4

“Immersive week was an amazing opportunity to see what my life may look like after M&T, and to do so with some of my closest friends. It was incredible to hear from some of the most successful people in the industries that tend to attract M&T students, and to presentRead More

Immersive Quotes # 3

“I think that what makes the immersive trip especially impactful for students is that it comes at the perfect time in the M&T academic journey. After two years in the program, M&Ts have developed a sense of how to link business and technology issues, while still having much to learn.Read More

Immersive Quotes # 2

“My experience during immersive was transformative and definitely unforgettable. The best piece of advice I received was from our opening speaker, Harold Chen, who said the most important thing is to be in a room with people worth listening to––listen to them and build relationships. This set the tone forRead More

Immersive Quotes # 1

“I had an amazing time hearing from M&T alum panelists and understanding how the decisions they made in school impacted not only their career path but also their personal growth and understandings. I especially enjoyed the interactive PM simulation where I saw how different specialties can come together to optimizeRead More