Q&A with Ansh Tiwari about The Management & Technology Summer Institute (M&TSI)

The Management & Technology Summer Institute (M&TSI) is a rigorous and rewarding for-profit summer program for rising high school seniors and a select number of rising high school juniors interested in exploring the interested in exploring the integration of technological concepts and management principles. This summer’s program recently concluded, and we asked student Ansh Tiwari to tell us about his experience and his advice to other high school programs considering the program for next year.


Q: Why did you apply to M&TSI? What were your goals in attending the program?

AT: I applied to M&TSI because I wanted to use technology to solve fundamental problems and create a positive impact. The program offered a perfect combination of classes, labs, guest lectures, simulations, and field trips to enhance my management skills and learn more about managing technology effectively. At the beginning of the program, I kept an open mind and didn’t set specific goals. Instead, I focused on making the most of every aspect of the program. During the business lectures, I diligently connected the taught principles to my personal experiences, seeking to apply them practically. In the labs, I explored potential use cases for the techniques I learned, keeping my innovation journey in mind. Additionally, I eagerly absorbed knowledge from the simulations and guest lectures, using their experiences as valuable lessons to prepare myself for future challenges. By the end of the program, I gained a deep understanding of complex management concepts, decision-making in companies, and the potential behind various technologies.

Q: What is something you learned at M&TSI that will help you during the upcoming academic year?

AT: During the program, we engaged in a challenging Mount Everest simulation, working in teams with assigned roles to reach the summit. Analyzing the results and post-simulation surveys allowed us to understand team dynamics and identify consistent factors among successful teams. This insight led to improved team strategies and a better understanding of our individual strengths. Additionally, the case study exercise was a real-world application of our knowledge. We were presented with a product’s history and marketing context and tasked with making a critical decision on behalf of the company. The emphasis was not solely on the details of our answer but on how well we implemented the concepts learned in the program to make sound decisions and effectively communicate our rationale.

These experiences honed my team collaboration and critical thinking abilities, setting me up for success in the academic year ahead and providing a solid foundation for my future professional endeavors.

 Q: How did M&TSI prepare you for the college admissions process?

AT: M&TSI prepared me for the college admissions process by providing valuable insights into various majors, future career options, and industries. Through talks by faculty, industry leaders, and researchers, I gained a better understanding of different fields and their potential impact on my future. Visiting companies like Morgan Stanley and Google allowed me to interact with professionals and learned about their experiences. These experiences heled me make more informed choices about my college admissions, including selecting majors and college locations.

M&TSI played a pivotal role in shaping my college goals and equipped me with the knowledge and self-assurance needed to embark on my higher education journey successfully.

Q: How do you think your M&TSI experience will help you once you begin your college career?

AT: My M&TSI experience was an intense immersion into college life, where we tackled complex case studies, collaborated with exceptional individuals, and faced challenges similar to senior-level projects. The program demanded relentless effort, from sharing sleepless nights with supportive teammates to delivering presentations under pressure, honing my ability to manage time effectively and thrive in demanding situations. This immersive experience will undoubtedly enhance my college journey, equipping me with essential skills, determination, and a strong support network to excel academically and make a meaningful impact in my future endeavors. It has provided me with a solid foundation for success in the exciting and transformative years that lie ahead.

Q: Why would you encourage other high school students to apply to M&TSI?

AT: I highly encourage high school students passionate about learning management and technology or the management of technology to apply to M&TSI. The program offers an exceptional learning experience with distinguished professors, researchers, and industry leaders, providing exposure to lectures, labs, simulations, and case studies beyond traditional classrooms. M&TSI embraces diversity, offers scholarships, and creates a supportive community of like-minded individuals. Don’t let its selectivity discourage you; it’s a life-changing opportunity to gain knowledge, inspiration, and lasting friendships.

 Q: What is one piece of advice you have for high school students interested in applying for the program next summer?

AT: Focus on communicating specific qualities or skills that make you a strong candidate for success in the program and beyond. Provide context to your application and showcase your unique story, rather than simply listing achievements. Consider using a video to express your personality and individuality. Don’t let financial concerns deter you; even with limited scholarship funds, M&TSI aims to accommodate participants’ financial needs.