The Top 3 Reasons to Follow Wharton Dean Geoff Garrett on LinkedIn

It’s no surprise Wharton School Dean Geoffrey Garrett has risen to the ranks of LinkedIn Influencer. Dean Garrett now has over 75 articles on topics ranging from US-China relations to tackling diversity in the workplace. These short insights pack a punch – with each article leaving the reader inspired to find out more.

To get you started, we’ve picked out three of our favorites. Following Dean Garrett’s example of breaking out arguments into threes, here are our top three from the Dean’s 2018 writings:

1. Three Big Leadership Clichés – and How to Rethink Them

This article tackles common phrases like “stick to your guns”, investigating their meaning and application and whether or not they’re the best advice in all situations. With each, Dean Garrett explores how the demeanor, values, and goals of great leaders are what really helps them succeed. You’ll walk away thinking a little more crucially, opening up to new ways to tackle old challenges

2. Is This the End of Money?

Written at the boom of crypto, this article looks at the possibility of fintech going beyond the end of physical cash to the creation of a new “fiat” currency. Dean Garrett addresses his own speculation of cryptocurrency and teases out those of JPMorgan CEO Jamie Dimon, who famously dismissed bitcoin. The article shows Dean Garrett’s willingness to explore the idea of reimagining currencies and taking a leap into the “buck the system” movement to see if it has traction.

3. The Politics of Data Privacy in a Post-Cambridge Analytica World

In this article, Dean Garrett looks at the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica data breach that rocked a digitized world.  He covers economic, consumer confidence, and societal repercussions of the incident and its impact on how people, companies, and governments think about data capturing and sharing. The article dives into the monetization of data and how its exposure in such a big way is making people rethink their blasé view of privacy. He rounds out the article looking at how governments are, aren’t (and may be) involved and what that means for business


For more insights in 2019, and to see Dean Garrett’s past articles, visit Geoffrey Garrett’s LinkedIn.  And, you can check out Jerome Fisher Program Gad Allon’s articles – see Gad’s writings on his LinkedIn page.