Integration Lab Senior Design Winners 2019


2019 SEAS wide senior design winners were our integration lab team of Emily Spencer M&T’19 and her team mate Gray Desimone SEAS’19. Their project Kirigami Architecture focused on creating sustainable building envelopes for energy conservation also won the most innovative award in the M&T Summit held in the Glandt Forum on March 30th. The project was an extension of research from Prof. Shu Yang’s lab who was also the team’s advisor. Professor Yang is a regular speaker in the required M&T Freshman Seminar class launched in fall 2017, where she discusses her research with our incoming first years. Integration lab, led by Dr. Sangeeta Vohra, M&T Director of Integration, serves as capstone for all M&T seniors and is built on the year long senior design projects where our students work on problems of societal importance and are required to do a business/commercialization analysis along with the senior design. A recent article in Penn Today addresses the importance of having engineering students think of commercialization at the start of their senior design.