Manjari Ganti, M&T ’18

Acton, MA

Engineering Major:

Wharton Concentration:
Operations Information & Decisions


When looking at colleges, I wanted a program that offered a holistic view of companies and industries.  An engineering education teaches the ability to think critically, analyze situations, and problem solve, essential skills for any discipline. But, business is the backbone of every industry. Knowledge of finance, management, and operations are crucial to understanding the internal workings of a company. By seamlessly combining these two disciplines, M&T gave me the exposure that I was looking for in a program.


MGMT 237, the Management of Technology. This is the class every M&T takes their sophomore spring. The entire class is structured around case studies of different tech companies and how they either rose to greatness or failed. We analyzed how companies can change and grow with the times; engaging in joint ventures and acquisitions to create new technologies and opportunities. The class helped solidify my interests in the intersection of business and technology.


Besides class, I am heavily involved on the board of Wharton Leadership Ventures, a program dedicated to experiential learning for Wharton undergraduates. The board comes up with new ventures each year and coordinates them. We do everything from outdoor rock climbing and glassblowing to leading backpacking expeditions in Antarctica, Patagonia, and Utah. I went canyoneering in the backcountry deserts of Utah over spring break. It was one of the best experiences of my life! I’m also a writing tutor, play on the club squash team, and explore Philadelphia in my spare time.


The M&T community is extremely tight knit. I’ve met the most unique and talented people and formed some of my most meaningful relationships through this community. In fact, my senior design team consists of two other M&T bioengineers (who also happen to be my closest friends).


Wharton Leadership Ventures, Writing tutoring, Club Squash


I had the incredible opportunity to study abroad at the University of Edinburgh the fall of my junior year, where I received credit for 5 required classes.  It was a surreal experience. I spent most of my weekends in Scotland backpacking in the majestic Highlands, traveling throughout Europe, and exploring the magical city of Edinburgh.


I love Philadelphia! From the Schuylkill River boardwalk and Wissahickon Park to some of the best and most unique restaurants in the country, Philadelphia truly has something to offer everyone. My favorite thing about Philly is walking down Baltimore Avenue in West Philadelphia. Located right next to Penn’s campus, Baltimore Avenue is always vibrantly alive and teeming with activity. It hosts an incredible variety of quirky cafes and restaurants (which can be sampled for only a dollar during the semi-annual Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll) and contains beautiful Clark Park which holds a farmer’s market every Saturday in the spring.