Natasha Narang, M&T ’18

Bayside, NY

Engineering Major:
Computer Science

Wharton Concentration:
Business Analytics & Management



When I was deciding on where to apply during my senior year of high school, I had just discovered computer science. I knew I was interested in entrepreneurship, but I didn’t feel like I was ready to make my decision yet. When I heard about the M&T Program, it seemed like a perfect fit. I saw M&T as a chance to really cultivate my interests on both sides and decide what I was interested in pursuing!


My favorite class at Penn is a tie between CIS160 (Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science) and LGST210 (Corporate Responsibility and Ethics). I’ve found that with college courses, where the classes can be so big, how engaged the professor is with the material really matters. My CIS160 professor managed to learn almost everyone’s names within the first week and challenged us constantly to re-evaluate how we thought about problems. My LGST210 course was an honors version, with just 30 students. The professor always chose cases that were anything but black and white, really challenging us to think critically.


The M&T community is incredibly close and definitely one of my favorite things at Penn. From freshman year, where we’re all living in the same section of the Quad, to the M&T-only class we have during sophomore year, there are so many great ways to bond with the rest of the M&T. And not just people in your own year! Some of my closest friends at Penn are M&Ts, and I know I always have them to turn to whether it’s coursework, clubs, or even just general life advice.


At Penn, I’m currently involved in Hack4Impact, a student-run nonprofit organization that takes on software development projects for local and national nonprofits. This past semester, I was on the Exec Board as Projects Chair. I’m also the current head of PennApps Sponsorship and a CIS160 TA. In the past, I’ve also been a CIS121 and EAS203 TA, and a member of the Wharton Investment & Trading Group.


I’ve found that in general, life at Penn is very accommodating of different lifestyles among students. Like many M&Ts, I’ve been taking 6 or more classes a semester but I still have time to pursue my interests outside the classroom. There’s so many incredible things on campus to get involved with and explore. There’s never a lack of events or activities going on that you can just jump into!


My favorite thing about Philly are the tons of amazing restaurants in Center City. I especially love exploring them during Restaurant Week and other fun events. I’m definitely a foodie and I love being able to try new cuisines with friends!


I still have a little while before I graduate, so I don’t know exactly what I want to do yet. Instead, I’m spending my summers exploring my interests in different fields to see what could be a good fit for me. I’m really interested in Product Management and will be interning with the Google APM program this summer. I’m looking forward to discovering if that’s something I’ll be interested in continuing in the future!