Neha Narain, M&T ’19

Dubai, UAE

Engineering Major:
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

Wharton Concentration:


In high school, I was extremely interested in both economics and the sciences, particularly chemistry and physics. I became increasingly interested in the renewable energy industry. I soon saw that business strategy and application were as important as the engineering and scientific innovation needed for the field to progress. The M&T program offered me the opportunity to combine both of these. Also, studying both Engineering and business simultaneously has helped me develop a rigor that I can apply to almost any field. The interdisciplinary nature of M&T allows me to avoid compromising on one of my interests. I have learned how the two, together, can only help accelerate innovation.


Charity Committee, Piano, Tennis, Founder of nonprofit Project Anubhav


For many Penn students, and M&T in particular, life at Penn is quite busy. Students engage in a wide array of activities and opportunities. I am a Management 100 TA and enjoy mentoring incoming Wharton students. I am also involved in community service through the iCARE organization and the Penn Music Mentoring Program.

Many students at Penn take advantage of research opportunities in both engineering and Wharton. I spent time in the Bioengineering research laboratories and now serve as a research assistant at the Annenberg School of Communication for the Penn Preventive Medicine Research Center group. There are also semester and yearlong projects and fellowships I’ve taken part in at the Mack Institute, exploring the integration of business and technology in diverse fields from yoga apparel technology to mental health solutions.


Management 101: Introduction to Management. When I took this course, it was taught by Professor Drew Carton, who has been one of the most inspirational academic mentors for me so far. The course introduces you to a wide variety of Management principles from some of the greatest authors in the field. We learned about management from several different perspectives, exposing me to the scope of the field. It helped me understand how all these various components come together in a business or an organization.


One of the most impressive qualities of the M&T program is the tight-knit community it fosters. Whether that be the community of current students or the close relations that students have with the M&T alumni network, it truly is unique. Some of my closest friends at Penn came through the M&T community. I couldn’t be more thankful to have such a community coming into college on my first day. I am grateful to learn from and with such ambitious and driven students, and I am motivated by my peers in the M&T community every day.


Management 100 TA, UPenn PRC Research Assistant, Mack Institute Student Fellow, Penn Music Mentoring Program


I have yet to explore more of Philadelphia! But, I really enjoy walking around Center City exploring the different mini shops that offer various food items.