Mental health journaling application that uses real-time facial expression recognition, natural language processing and sentiment analysis on users’ voices to help them track their mental well being.

Team: Anvita Achar, Daniel Moreno, Karinna Loo, Francisco Selame
Faculty Advisor: Chris Callison Burch

Foot’s Ease
Design a smart shoe to assist people with foot drop problem.

Team: Ece Sahin, Julia Lin, Cody Clouser, Kelly Larkin
Faculty Advisor: Sid Deliwala
Clinical Advisor: Ari Brooks

A mobile adaptive psychomotor vigilance test to detect sleep deprivation.

Team: Jenny Chen, Alice Ren, Paul Zuo
Faculty Advisor: Boon Thau Loo
Clinical Advisors: Mathias Basner & David Dinges

Alternative Splicing
Deep learning methods to detect alternative splicing.

Team: Joseph Kupferberg, Liam Murphy, Nazih Bissat
Faculty Advisor: Yoseph Barash

Smart Fibers
Smart Fibers enabled by liquid crystal for personalized health.

Student: Samantha Burns
Faculty Advisor: Shu Yang
Secondary Advisor: Genevieve Dion (Drexel Univ)

Design a wearable that can​ ​be​ ​transformed​ ​into​ ​a​n auto-injector​ ​delivery​ ​device​ ​for​ ​epinephrine.

Team: Reed Ginsberg, Spencer Fox, Jacob Snipes, Daniel Orol, Alexander Garcia, Benjamin Bernstein
Faculty Advisors: Kevin Turner, Paulo Arratia

Design a wearable that detects opioid levels based on anxiety, tremors and other body functions.

Team: Manjari Ganti, Eric Helfgott, Margaret Schroeder, Kyle O’Neal
Faculty Advisor: Michael Rizk
Clinical Advisor: Ari Brooks

3D Manufacturing of Personalized Implants
Novel biocompatible 3D printed bone graft substitute for bone tissue.

Team: Young-Hun Kim, Kevin Hayes, Michael Solomon, Robert Pierson
Faculty Advisors: Paul Duchyene, Pedro Alvarez-Urena

Boston Optimized Healthcare
Optimize health care services for low income, elderly populations in New York City using agent-based modelling tools.

Team: Brian Zeoli, Dillon Lynch, Adam Christenson, Ujjwal Tamhankar, Caroline Duckworth
Faculty Advisor: Barry Silverman

Design smart socks for peripheral edema to predict serious health issues.

Team: Bernardo Penteado, Leo Kensicher, Fabian Louis, Nikhil Krishnan, Christian de Abreu, Alejandro Villasmil
Faculty Advisor: Graham Wabiszewski
Clinical Advisors: Pamela Cacchione, Ari Brooks

Using machine learning to analyze data from sleep studies to predict emphysema and depression.

Team: Sam Lerner, Kanishka Rao, Zane Stiles, Michael Terracciano
Faculty Advisor: James Weimer
Clinical Advisor: Nalaka Gooneratne

Healthcare accessiblity for low income patients in Philadelphia area.

Team: Sonia Kumar, Claire Frankel, Bari Gordon, Sabrina Aberman
Faculty Advisor: Megan Ryerson

An AR application for kinect that allows customers to visualize clothing in the comfort of their home.

Team: Meghana Jayam, Tyler Douglas, Ben Henry, Sydney Morton, Nikhil Raman
Faculty Advisor: Kostas Daniilidis

Remote Rangers
Increasing efficacy of search and rescue efforts for lost hikers.

Team: Rohun Patel, Carter Rice, William Archer
Faculty Advisor: Tania Khanna

Multiplay AR
Democratize multiplayer access in augmented reality.

Team: Akshat Agrawal, Krishna Bharathala, Devesh Dayal, Jacob Kahn,Amit Patel
Faculty Advisor: C. J. Taylor

A novel solution to solve the daily balance discrepancy within cash registers.

Team: Bill (Li Le) He, Phillip Trent, Enrique Mitchell, Rhianna La Chance, Alison Weiss
Faculty Advisors: Sid Deliwala, Nicholas McGill, Graham Wabiszewski, Mark Yim

Create a decentralized messenger on the blockchain.

Team: Sahil Shah, Yassine Saadi-Elmandrja, Andrew Zhang, Mark Decesare
Faculty Advisor: Scott Snyder

Create an interface to classify and understand online data.

Team: Matt Cohen, Natasha Narang, Vivian Ge, Samantha Caby
Faculty Advisor: Chris Callison-Burch

Aggregating Amazon Reviews
Build a web application that aggregates amazon reviews of computers using machine learning.

Team: Carolina Zheng, Raymond Yin, Sumit Shyamsukha, Joe Cappadona
Faculty Advisor: Chris Callison-Burch

Design a portable, deployable, delta 3D cement printer, that can be rapidly built and used anywhere.

Team: Christopher Painter, Miranda Cravetz, Sarah Ellen, Karim Boulos
Faculty Advisor: Jennifer Lukes

MS Tribometer
Design and build a multifunctional tribometer that can test friction and wear under different conditions.

Team: Kai Wang, James Buser, Ben Riedel, Sabino Padilla, Darryl Beronque, Omar Rizkallah
Faculty Advisor: Richard Carpick

Exploring Fairness and Bias in Algorithms and Word Embedding.

Student: Michael Sosnick
Faculty Advisor: Aaron Roth

The orphan drug act-Effect on innovation and unintended consequences.

Student: Samantha Carter
Faculty Advisor: Abby Alpert

Resisting adversarial attacks against neural networks.

Student: Summer Yue
Faculty Advisor: Insup Lee

ParaLLL: Parallelizing the LLL Algorithm

Student: Paul Lou
Faculty Advisor: Nadia Heninger

Cooperative reinforcement learning.

Student: Lawrence Chan
Faculty Advisor: Val Tannen

Deciphering Crypto Networks- Investigation into the Potential of Decentralization,
Real-World DApps & Cryptoeconomics

Student: Parth Chopra
Faculty Advisor:  Brett Hemenway

Machine Learning & Algorithmic Trading of a Mean-Reversion Strategy from the Cloud for Liquid ETFs on Robinhood.

Student: Fan Zhang
Faculty Advisor:  Abraham Wyner

A Survey into the Bitcoin Scaling Dilemma.

Student: Raja Atluri
Faculty Advisor: Brett Hemenway

Buy-‘Til-You-Die Models for Large Data Sets via Variable Selection.

Student: Rafael Dimaano
Faculty Advisor: Pete Fader

Sum of Squares Optimization.

Student: Akhilesh Tangella
Faculty Advisor: Aaron Roth

Building a stochastic consumer spending model to aid non profits.

Team: Cristina Amusategui, Alec Gelfenbein, Braden Fineberg, Raouf Tawfik
Faculty Advisors: Peter Fader & Victor Preciado

Co-design of communications for multi-robot path following.

Team: Bisher Haddadin, Brianna Gallo, Connor McKeon, Rohan Saraogi
Faculty Advisors: Alejandro Ribeiro, Mark Eisen

Create a model to search for the nearest available parking spot for drivers.

Team: Scott Isett, Kristen Tilley, Rohan Aggarwal, Sam Leavitt
Faculty Advisor: Rakesh Vohra

Stakeholder Democracy
Create a web tool to facilitate citizen engagement to impact local government decisions.

Team: Prakash Mishra, Selena Akay, Harry Prevor, Shadrack Lilan
Faculty Advisors: Robert McMahon & Pete Scott

Kirigami Architecture
Create sustainable building envelopes for energy conservation.

Team:Emily Spencer, Gray DeSimone
Faculty Advisor: Shu Yang

Manufacture & launch a low cost rocket capable of producing 100lbs thrust.

Team: William Prout, Andrew Langalis, Sam Cook, William Spence
Faculty Advisor: Eric Detsi

Design and build a smart stethescope.

Team: Jonathan Chen, Matthew Wolfman, Jason Schwartz, Jared Winograd
Faculty Advisor: James Weimer
Clinical Advisor: Ari Brooks

My MeMe
Leveraging user input & machine learning to create personalized meme.

Team: Devan Tierney, Darius Rodgers, Anish Jain, Saku Rimali
Faculty Advisor: Rakesh Vohra

Flair: Social Product Discovery
Develop a novel recommendation engine to display ads.

Team:Tanmay Chordia, Aditya Radhakrishnan, Yash Shirsath, Alec Wang
Faculty Advisor: Brett Hememway

Build a user friendly platform for research opportunities.

Team: Kunal Garg, Garrett Darley, Nick Keenan, Santiago Buenahora
Faculty Advisor: Susan Davidson

Improving the robustness of coreference resolution with adversarial training.

Team: Sanjay Subramanian
Faculty Advisors: Dan Roth

Computation Revolution Through Optics
Build metamaterials to compute mathematical operations.

Team: Sohum Daftary, Ben Grau, Justin Qian
Faculty Advisor: Liang Feng

MOOC data visualization tool.

Team: Derin Guzel, Rudolfo Villarca, Saur Vasil, Dylan Levine
Faculty Advisor: Ryan Baker

Trash Talkers
Develop a machine learning software to identify acts of illegal dumping.

Team: Ameya Shiva, Abhinav Karale, William Kayat
Faculty Advisors: Ani Nenkova, Dan Hopkins

A convenient, centralized and straightforward restaurant experience.

Team: Sahil Kumar, Anushka Makhija, Kevin Thomas, Liz Reckart, Daniella Erulker
Faculty Advisor: Boon Thau Loo

Platoon Squad
Leveraging edge computing for platooning of autonomous vehicles.

Team: Antonio Menarde, Patrick Taggart, Stephanie Tang, Tristum Tuttle, Monica Vyavahare
Faculty Advisor: Insup Lee, Deepak Gangadharan

Low cost timely medical transportation system in rural developing communities.

Team:Sina Golkari, Mark Grenader, Atman Panigrahi, Omkar Savant, Elizabeth Tu, Delaney Kaufman
Faculty Advisor: Kevin Turner​

Smart sampling and measuring autonomous platforms for rivers.

Team: Xiaoyi Chen, Fangyi Fan, Quinn Wu, Vanessa Howell, Yoonji Lee, Mia Mansour
Faculty Advisor: Ani Hsieh

Design & build a voice-controlled third arm.

Team: Ethan Bradlow, Cheryl Feig, Alexis Mitchnick, Dani Gelb, Max Hartman, Liam Cook
Faculty Advisor: Cynthia Sung

Low cost ethyl acetate from renewable resources.

Team: Neha Narain, Kerri Heuser, Vinson Liao
Faculty Advisor: Daeyeon Lee

Invisalign case for the technology saavy consumer.

Team:David Hanover, Alexander Evelson, Sara Dwyer, Dmitry Shatalin
Faculty Advisor: Sid Deliwala

IV Sight
Build a device to detect IV infiltration in children.

Team: Emma Dong, Gillian Abel, Eric Dong, Maddie Paliganoff, Bridget Temple
Faculty Advisor: James Won

P3P Chat
Distributed peer-3-peer chat for disaster situations.

Team: Simran Arora, Jenna Barton, Ramya Rao, Ben Judd, David Wang
Faculty Advisor: Vincent Liu

A non invasive, continuous, real time sensor in Orthopedic cast to detect pressure.

Team: Kristen Ho, Carolina Ferrari, Blake Thomas, Alfredo Tovar
Faculty Advisor: Michael Rizk

Novel Biomarkers for CAR-T Therapy and their Commercialization Strategy

Team: Sahil Bahri
Faculty Advisor: David Meany

A dehumidification-evaporative cooling air conditioner.

Team: Connor Sendel, Spencer Collins, Jake Fine, Ashwin Kishen, Sam Weintraub, Yann Pfitzer
Faculty Advisor: Paulo Arratia​

Exploring the Impact of Learning Analytics in the Education Sector.

Team:Aishwarya Nadgauda
Faculty Advisor: Gad Allon

Sentence Translation with Small Bilingual Corpora.

Team: Jeffrey Cheng
Faculty Advisor: Chris Callison-Burch

Looking for correlations in the fluctuation of prices of cryptocurrencies.

Team: Ayush Goyal
Faculty Advisor: Brett Hemenway

A validation & extension to a nonparametric approach to buy-’til-you-die models.

Team: Akhil Ganti
Faculty Advisor: Peter Fader

The Final Frontier: Autonomous Space Exploration, Trajectory & Economics.

Team: Xuan Ng
Faculty Advisor: Boon Thau Loo

Vulnerabilities:Trends, Classifications and Criticality Scoring.

Team: Jacob Friedman
Faculty Advisor: Sebastian Angel

A Review of the Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources Standard.

Team: Micah Zirn
Faculty Advisor:Clayton Greenberg