Joe Kupferberg, M&T ’18

Joe Kupferberg, M&T ’18 Hometown: Highland Park, IL Engineering Major: Systems Engineering, Mathematics Wharton Concentration: Individualized Concentration (Institutions of Money, half FNCE, half LGST) WHY M&T? I chose M&T because I wanted to acquire a skill set that would allow me to approach rigorous, cutting-edge ideas in technology, data analytics,Read More

Quinn Wu, M&T ’19

Quinn Wu, M&T ’19 Hometown: Palo Alto, CA Engineering Major: Computer Science Wharton Concentration: Statistics Minor: Mathematics WHY M&T? Throughout school, I was always fascinated with mathematics and how it could be applied to the real world. This led to my interest in pursuing studies in engineering. However, I knewRead More

Prakash Mishra, M&T ’19

Prakash Mishra, M&T ’19 Hometown: Waxhaw, NC Engineering Major: Systems Engineering Wharton Concentration: Business Economics and Public Policy, Statistics Minor: Chinese, Certification in Public Policy WHY M&T? M&T for me meant flexibility. Coming into college, I had a strong interest in policymaking, but I also enjoyed organizational psychology and hadRead More

Krishna Bharathala, M&T’18

Krishna Bharathala, M&T’18 Hometown: Fremont, CA Engineering Major: Computer Science, BSE, MSE Wharton Concentration: Management (Entrepreneurship and Innovation), Statistics Minor: Mathematics WHY M&T? Despite coming from a technical high school in the Silicon Valley, I knew I didn’t want to become an engineer working for a large software company. Instead,Read More

Hana Yen, M&T ’19

Hana Yen, M&T ’19 Hometown: Potomac, MD Engineering Major: Digital Media Design Computer Science Wharton Concentration: Finance and Marketing and Operations Information & Decisions Minor: Mathematics WHY M&T? Quite honestly, I wasn’t too sure what I wanted to major in coming out of high school much less what I wantedRead More

Manjari Ganti, M&T ’18

Manjari Ganti, M&T ’18 Hometown: Acton, MA Engineering Major: Bioengineering Wharton Concentration: Operations Information & Decisions WHY M&T? When looking at colleges, I wanted a program that offered a holistic view of companies and industries.  An engineering education teaches the ability to think critically, analyze situations, and problem solve, essentialRead More

Reed Ginsberg, M&T ’18

Reed Ginsberg, M&T ’18 Hometown: Jericho, NY Engineering Major: Mechanical Engineering and Applied Mechanics Wharton Concentration: Management Minor: Mathematics WHY M&T For as long as I can remember I wanted to be an engineer. As I grew older, I would create little inventions and try to get friends and familyRead More

Jenna Barton, M&T ’19

Jenna Barton, M&T ’19 Hometown: Bernardsville, New Jersey Engineering Major: Computer Engineering Wharton Concentration: Finance and Entrepreneurship WHY M&T Ever since I was in grade school I was determined to be an engineer, but as I got older I found I was fascinated with more than just designing the product.Read More

Kristen Ho, M&T ’19

Kristen Ho, M&T ’19 Hometown: Burnaby, BC, Canada Engineering Major: Bioengineering Wharton Concentration: Undecided Minor: Mathematics WHY M&T? Growing up, I knew I wanted to pursue a STEM major. I knew technology drives growth, but to understand and capitalize on that opportunity, I also needed a business education. Although IRead More